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Japanese Mini trucks, a favorite worldwide!

One of the most popular vehicles we export are Japanese mini-trucks or “kei trucks” as they are known inside Japan.  These are small, light trucks with either rear wheel drive or 4wd configurations. These originally started out in the late 50s, early 1960s with even smaller engines but eventually went to 550 and now all…

Trip to the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Hello there! Of course we are in the used car export business here in Japan but being in the middle of a large car culture and of course car enthusiasts ourselves, we decided to check out the bi-annual  Tokyo Motor Show! There were a number of new models from the major manufacturers but there were…

Some additional info about buying cars..

Hello there! I just wanted to address some points that frequently come up during the car buying process or maybe some things that you might not be aware of. When bidding on cars at auction the process happens very fast. Cars are on a schedule and when that particular car is up it can be…