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Trip to the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Hello there! Of course we are in the used car export business here in Japan but being in the middle of a large car culture and of course car enthusiasts ourselves, we decided to check out the bi-annual ¬†Tokyo Motor Show! There were a number of new models from the major manufacturers but there were…

Some additional info about buying cars..

Hello there! I just wanted to address some points that frequently come up during the car buying process or maybe some things that you might not be aware of. When bidding on cars at auction the process happens very fast. Cars are on a schedule and when that particular car is up it can be…

A glorious Ferrari at auction yesterday

Being at the largest used car auction in the world every week we have run across nearly everything. From Pagani Zondas to Jaguar XJ220s and Mercedes SL73s we have seen a good number of special machines over the years. This is one I dont recall seeing before here. Behold the legendary Ferrari BB512! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrari_Berlinetta_Boxer

I think ive settled on my favorite Porsche 911 color

        Porsche is one of those companies that always had pretty cool colors on a lot of its models. From pinks and bright greens to old standards such as the always classy black/silver/white they have always had a number of interesting options. None of them I like better than Riviera Blue or…